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TRS Basmati Rice 5kg

 It Has The Same Delightful Aroma, Slightly Nutty Taste And Delicate, Fluffy Grains That Make It The Ideal Choice For A Whole Variety Of Rice Recipes. atiIt Absorbs Flavours Easily And Hence The Taste Of The Dish Is Enhanced.

TRS Almonds (U.S.A.) 750g

Specially Formulated By The Manufactures To Provide You With The Sweet  And Healthy Taste Of Almonds.

TRS Chillies Whole Red (Long) 150g

Widely Used In Many Cuisines And Are An Essential Ingredient In Indian Cookery.

TRS Cloves Whole 50g

High-Oil, Hand Selected Cloves For Rich Flavour In Pickles, Beverages, Curries And Eats.    

TRS Dhania Whole Indori 100g

Consists Of Natural Coriander Seeds And Has A Spicy-Sweet Scent And Flavour That’s Slightly Lemony.

TRS Fine Desiccated Coconut 1kg

Sourced From Selected Coconut Processing Factories, Naturally Sweet, No Added Sugar , Perfect For Decorating Cake.

TRS Garam Masala Powder 100g

TRS Used Garam Masala Is A Blend Of Aromatic Spices, Mainly Used For Flavouring North Indian Dishes. Garam Masala Can Be As A Condiment Sprinkled On Pakoras And Samosas Or As A Blend With Yoghurt To Make An Excellent Garnish.

TRS Garlic Powder 100g

Trs  Garlic Powder Is Created From Dehydrated Garlic And Has A Less Harsh, Forceful, And Unique Flavour With Less Sweetness Than Fresh Garlic.

TRS Ginger Powder 100g

Ginger Powder Or Saunth Is Often Used In Indian Cooking. It Can Be Added To Curries, Teas, Cookies Etc.

TRS Jeera Powder 100g

Ginger Powder Is An Authentic Indian Spices . Ginger Powder Is Also Known As “Saunth” In India, Which Is Buff-Colored Ground Spice Made From Dried Rhizome Of Ginger . Ginger Powder Has A Pungent Hot, Sweet And Spicy Flavor. Its Aroma Is Subtle And Spicy.

TRS Jeera Whole 100g

Trs Whole Jeera (Whole Cumin Seeds ), Is The Best Alternative For The Fresh Cumin. It's Added To Almost All The Indian Dishes Along With Other Dried Spices.