Frequently Asked Question is an online market place for both vendors and shoppers.
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To place an order on
• Enter the name of the item you’d like to buy in the search bar. You can also browse for vendors/ products by selecting the category on the top left hand side of your screen
• Click on a product to learn more about it or add to your cart
• Click add to cart and proceed to the checkout page
• Register or login into your existing account by entering your email and password
• Enter your shipping/billing information ensuring your address is complete and accurate
• Select a Delivery Method
• Choose your preferred Payment Method
• Click on Confirm Order to complete your order.
For additional support contact us at

If you are having trouble adding products to your cart please make sure that you have made
all relevant size and colour selections. If you still have problems this may mean that the item
you are trying to buy is out of stock . For additional support contact us at

To track the status of your order:
• Log into your orchidroad account
• Select ‘Orders’
• Find the item you would like to track and click ‘see details’
• Select the “track item” to see if it’s out for delivery
• You also receive delivery updates via email Account mailbox or text and App notifications
to make it easy to know when your order will be delivered or available for pickup.

There is NO pickup station all customers will be directed to their specific vendor to discuss

Delivery fees are the costs incurred by our logistics partners to deliver to your selected
address. Delivery fees vary based on your geographic location, delivery method, shipment
method and the size or category of the product you ordered. You can review delivery fees
before placing your order on the product page as well as during checkout.

We aim to avoid delays however due to unforeseen circumstances such as severe weather,
misspelt or incorrect address etc. packages can face delays. If your delivery is more than 24
hours late for perishable goods and 3-5 days late for other items please contact the vendor
and also us. We will also send you an update via email as soon as it’s available for delivery.

Items from different vendors are shipped separately to ensure that there is no delay in
fulfilling your order. You will receive all your items within the delivery period mentioned on the
product pages of each of these items

Visit our website, sign up as a vendor,
And provide every information needed

No, is open to every business both startups, small and big businesses

All our vendors would be properly verified and of Good conduct. But in the case of dispute,
Any vendor who doesn’t comply to resolve a dispute will be permanently removed from our
vendors list.