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Baileys Chocolate Collection 190g

Bailey's chocolate collection is one of the most popular items in the range.

Baileys Truffles 8x135g

Bailey's chocolate truffles are the perfect after-dinner treat.

Cad. Dairy Milk Bar 180g

Cadbury dairy milk chocolate bar stands for goodness and a moment of pure magic.

Cad. Dairy Milk Wholenut Bar 14x180g

Cadbury Dairy Milk Hazelnut is a whole lot of chocolates and a whole lot of nuts.

Guinness Chocolates in Tin Can 125g

Guinness chocolates in tin can makes you rediscover the pleasure of a good Guinness with these delicious beer filled chocolates

Guinness Dark Chocolate Solid Bar 90g

Guinness dark chocolate solid bar is infused with the distinct Guinness taste.

Guinness T/wrap Truffle Chocolate 135g

Guinness twist-wrapped dark chocolate truffles are a great gift to share with friends.

Haribo Wine Gum 140g

Haribo wine gums are tasty Fruit flavor gummy and sweet.

Jelly Bean Factory Wedge Carton 225g

Jelly bean factory wedge carton is a great gift to cheer up that special someone.

London Biscuits Half Coated Chunk Cookies

London biscuits half coated chunk cookies will leave u wanting more after every bite.

Mars Celebrations 380g

A miniature chocolate bar collection made by mars, it is a delicious fusion of chocolate, caramel and nougat