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Heinz Baked Beans

Heinz baked beans are very nutritious and allow you add variety to your diet.

Heinz Peachy Porridge

Heinz peachy porridge is the perfect breakfast cereal for your little one, just add water.

Heinz Pudding Creamed Porridge Jars

Heinz pudding creamed porridge is full of milky goodness that makes your little one grow happy.

Heinz Summer Fruit Porridge

Heinz summer fruit porridge is one porridge taste your little one can’t resist.

John West Sardine in Brine

John west sardine in brine is a simple boneless delicious sardine presented in pure brine

John West Sardine in Sunflower Oil

John west sardine in sunflower oil is a boneless delicious sardine presented in pure sunflower

John West Sardine in Tomato

John west sardine in tomatoes sauce is a boneless delicious sardine presented in tomatoes sauce

John West Tuna Chunks in Brine 145G

John west tuna chunks in brine have succulent chunks of the finest wild tuna in brine.

Marvel Milk 175g

Consist of vitamin d for strong bones. Less than 1% fat. Naturally calcium rich. Great in tea and coffee.

Napolina Five Bean Salad

A Mixed Of Five Hearty Beans. Amazing On Its Own And Goes Well With Other Dishes    

Napolina Red Kidney Beans

Easy To Use As They Have Already Been Soaked And Fully Cooked Dried Pulses. High In Protein, And A Source Of Fibre And 1 Of Your 5 A Day.

Princes Ham

Reformed Ham With Added Water .Great In Sandwich With Crisp Lettuce And Your Favourite Pickle. Slices Better After A Chill In The Fridge.